Since the smallpox vaccine was invented most of the arguments against inoculation were undermined.

Benjamin Waterhouse,
an American Doctor and supporter of inoculation.

"Your favor of the 8th inst came safely to hand with the renewed matter accompanying it. As the conger the vaccine matter throned the unemployed."

Thomas Jefferson and Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse

  • The two exchanged several letters
  • Waterhouse expressed his opinion on the vaccine in these letters
  • He gained Jefferson's approval
  • Waterhouse further persuaded Jefferson by sending him samples to test on his slaves
  • Jefferson's approval swayed the opinions of many Americans because of his position of leadership

This letter one of fifteen helps to illustrate Thomas Jefferson's thinking and optimism.
Thomas Jefferson, 
an American president who supported the vaccine.

"...But your experience, so much greater, can inform us whether this made is a same one."